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Casual vacancies:

There are two vacancies for Councillors on the Parish Council caused by the resignations of James Mills and Paul Milliken. Please click here for the statutory notice for Cllr James Mills and here for Cllr Paul Milliken.

20mph School Zone signs

Three 20 mph School Zone signs are now in place close to Quinton School.  So far only one is connected to power and may operate briefly under test.  Once all are connected they will operate during the school's arrival and departure periods.  The distance they cover around the school is quite small so please respect the 20 mph limit when they are in operation.  Thank you.



From now on, anyone wishing to vote in local or national elections will need to produce photographic ID.  If you don't have any, you can either obtain a certificate of voting authority from the gov. uk website, or call in at the Council offices at Elizabeth House, Stratford.  Staff will take your photograph and assist with completing the form.  



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