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Surface dressing programme revised dates

The surface dressing of The Fordway and St. Swithin's Drive are now scheduled to take place on the 22nd July.  These works are weather dependent, so it is possible the dates may change.  

Casual vacancy

A casual vacancy has occurred on the Parish Council owing to the resignation of Cllr Rob Clark.  Please click here for a copy of the statutory notice.

Warwickshire police asks drivers to slow down:

Warwickshire police asks drivers to slow down as more cars are back on the road.  Click here for the full article.  

Ready meals with free delivery:

Ready meals with free delivery are available from The Long Table.  Click here for more information.  

Expansion of Coronavirus testing:

Anyone in England with Coronavirus symptoms who is aged 65 or over, or who has to leave home to go work, is eligible for testing.  Tests are available across the country and can be booked immediately.  You can register at the testing portal using this link (  Full guidance on testing is available here (

Stratford Food Bank

Click here for information about how you can help support Stratford Food Bank.  

Children's services and Adult Social Care

Warwickshire County Council has produced two leaflets with contact details for anyone needing the help of Children's Services.  Please click here for further details.  

Anyone who believes they have unmet needs for Adult Social care and support can find further information here.  

Stratford Food Bank:

The Stratford Food Bank has re-opened at a new location - The Methodist Church, Old Town, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 6BG.  Opening hours:

Monday 5.00 - 6.30 pm

Tuesday 12.00 - 2.00 pm

Wednesday closed

Thursday 5.00 - 6.30 pm

Friday 12.00 - 2.00 pm.

Parcels will be distributed from tables in the car park.  Please queue at least two metres apart.  The Food Bank is only for those who cannot pay for food.  It is not available to those who are self isolating, or for any other reason.  

To use the Food Bank you have to seek vouchers from a referral agency.  From Monday 6th April, Quinton Parish Council expects to be able to issue vouchers to Quinton residents.  Some Meon Vale residents are within Quinton parish - your Council tax bill will give you this information.  Referral agency contacts are:

Chairman Quinton Parish Council.  Tel 07588 524 758 between 9 - 5 pm.

Meon Medical Centre  - for Meon Medical Centre patients only.  Tel 01789 720 820.

Rev Ros Greenhalgh Tel 01789 751546.  email

Rev Andrew Goy Tel 07554 932 271  email

Quinton Primary School

Green garden waste charge:

The green bin collection charge has been postponed until March 2021.

Volunteer drivers required:

If you are willing to act as a volunteer driver, please telephone VASA on 01789 262 889 or email

The Farm Snitterfield:

The farm shop at Snitterfield will deliver vegetable boxes or "care boxes."  These can also be collected from their car park.  Click here for details of their produce and price list.  

Free School lunches:

Anyone whose children currently receive free school lunches is invited to apply to Warwickshire Welfare for 6 weeks food support.  Telephone 0800408 1448.

Road closures:

Goose Lane is due to be closed on the 26th March until around the 1st of April.  Click here for a copy of the notice.  Other road closures are also planned, but all could change in the current situation.  Please click here for a copy of the proposed works.  

Shipston Link Bus Service

The Shipston Link bus service has been suspended with immediate effect due to the COVID-19 virus.


Casual vacancy Parish Council

A vacancy has arisen on the Parish Council following the resignation of Councillor Rebecca Hall.  Click here for a copy of the statutory notice. 

Green bin waste

As a result of a reduction of grant funding, Stratford upon Avon District Council is proposing a chargeable garden waste service from 1 June 2020

Without this charge the council may have to consider discontinuing the existing discretionary  garden service.

Key points of this proposal are listed below. Further information and the full consultation document can be found at

Your response can be submitted via:

It would be appreciated if you could copy any response to so that the parish council can understand residents’ thoughts.

Key points

  • To introduce a chargeable garden waste service from 1 June 2020 to align with the grass cutting season.

  • The annual charge for the service will be £40.00 per wheeled bin or equivalent sacks. Additional bins/sacks will be charged at the same rate.

  • A 5% discount in the first year will be offered to those residents who set up an annual Direct Debit for the service.

  • A free compost bin will be offered to those residents who are in receipt of Council Tax Reduction and who choose not to participate in the service.  

  • The subscription year will be fixed from 1 June to 31 May (12-months) non refundable

  • Bins/sacks will be emptied on a fortnightly basis throughout the year. Residents will be able to share collections with neighbours; however, the crews will only collect from those households with a valid subscription.

  • Residents will be required to ‘opt-in’ to the service on an annual basis. They will receive a branded sticker/tag each year so that the crews are aware of the bins to be emptied.

  • Residents not wishing to buy into the service but wishing to receive a weekly food waste collection will be provided with a food waste caddy, on request, free of charge (if they do not already have one). Collection on garden waste day.

  • In the event that the resident moves property, the service will be transferrable within Stratford-on-Avon District (after advising the Council of the address change) or to the new occupier.

  • The Council will promote discounted home composting and implement a strict policy of no garden waste in the grey bin, with any persistent contamination breaches resulting in the non-collection of grey bins



















Councillor resignation:

Please click here for a copy of the statutory notice following the resignation of Cllr Claire Scopes.  

Earlier this year, significant work was carried out at the western end of Lower Quinton involving improving the path as part of the Safer to School project and separately resurfacing of the carriageway took place along with improving the drainage. With no second path along the route, a safe segregated space for pedestrians was required on the carriageway meaning the road had to be closed to still leave space for the work to be carried out.


The next stage of the Safer to School project will see the pathways improved along the route from near Thackeray Close to Quinton School plus other enhancements, new signage and renewed road painting. There is this time a path on the other side of the road which means only traffic lights will be needed for this work. BUT additionally, some of the Main Road carriageway has to be repaired as it is now structurally flawed.

This WILL require TWO DAYS of road closure. SEE BELOW for detail.


The work has been timed to be done mostly during the summer school holidays.




The path and other improvements work will commence on  


19th August 0730 – 1730 and last approximately two weeks. This will involve traffic lights.


The work starts near the school and then heads west;

minor work may have to continue into the third week.

  •    -       -      -      -       -       -       -       -       -       -        -       -       -       -       -       -       -      -


The essential repairs requiring     FULL ROAD CLOSURE    Stileman to Goose Lane 

will be      29th and 30th August (with reserve day Sat 31st) from 0900 – 1530


There will be yellow pre notice boards going up, first for the path etc work and then as well for the two day road closure.


Any changes we get will be published via Quinton Parish Council Facebook, the Quinton Parish web site   and notice boards but any of this could be affected at short notice by the weather.


There is a lot of yellow paint surface marking around The Fordway estate and St. Swithin’s Drive. We have sought information but not yet received an answer. We suspect The Fordway marking relates to tidying up the area prior to adoption by Warwickshire and the other to simply be repairing the paths. “ Cut Veg” is not from the Parish Council!

Click here for a copy of the statutory notice.

Changes to bus service from 5th January 2019

For information regarding the changes please visit either, or visit the County Council's Buses page.    


Quinton Parish Council has installed closed circuit television (cctv) to deter and reduce crime and antisocial activity in the environs of Quinton Village Hall.

Click here for a copy of the policy statement. 

Quinton Parish Council Grant Fund

The Parish Council has a small budget for the award of grants to provide support for voluntary groups or charitable organisations within the parish.  Click here for a copy of the grant application form

Keeping footpaths and bridleways open...

The Parish Council is conducting a survey of all the footpaths and  bridleways in the parish to ensure that  these are kept open and are easy of  access.

If you know of any paths which are obstructed by brambles, overgrown  hedges, overhanging trees or any other  obstacles, please inform the Clerk.  

Ordnance Survey grid references are most helpful in locating the trouble spots, but any detailed description of  the exact location(s) will be welcome.

Speed Aware Volunteers...

...Are you concerned by the speed of traffic in Upper and Lower Quinton?

why not become a Speed Watch Co-ordinator or Volunteer!

For Speed Aware info leaflet click here


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