Quinton Parish Council

Quinton Parish Council consists of  six members who are           
Paul Milliken                                                                  01789 721229

Edward Fitter                                                                 07976 693080

Chris Watson                                                                  01789 549149   
Robert Spooner (Chairman)                                      07588 524758  

Abbie Taylor                                                                    01789 720355   Andy Smith                                                                    01789 721284                                                      

The Parish Clerk is:
Mrs M Norman, quintonpcclerk@gmail.com

Oak View House, Rookery Lane, Newbold-on-Stour   CV37 8TZ                             01789 450242



Register of Councillor's Disclosable Pecuniary Interests
You can find details of the interests that have been notified by Councillors by clicking here

Your District Councillor  is Cllr Edward Fitter

Freedom of Information Policy
Click here for Quinton information currently available
Click here for an explanation of the requirements of FOI

Parish Council Meetings are held bi-monthly in the Village Hall, Lower Quinton.

Meetings are scheduled for:

Agenda for Next meeting
Minutes for Last meeting